We launched BAM’s new institutional video


As part of a new communications strategy at Bosques Amazónicos BAM, which seeks to promote the recovery and conservation of the Peruvian Amazon and the planet, we launched our first BAM institutional video. This video focuses on the program to recover degraded areas in Campo Verde, Ucayali. We would like to invite you to learn about our team’s work and join our commitment to make the forestry sector a driver of sustainable development in decades to come.

You can see the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMAOyUPEk60&t=5s

Thanks to all the team that made the production of this video possible, especially the producer PAI, Dana Bonilla and Alejandro Wangeman, who did an excellent job of producing the first of a series of videos to inform people about our conservation projects in the Amazon.


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