Forestry Week 2019 at Bosques Amazónicos BAM


Just as we do every year, BAM held a celebration of Forestry Week at Campo Verde in Ucayali. As part of the activities organized in Pucallpa, we invited different authorities, neighboring communities and employees to come together to learn about the work performed by Bosques Amazónicos BAM and promote sustainable cooperation in the region.

During this celebration, different activities were held:

  • Training for neighboring hamlets (Agua Blanca, Tierra Roja, Nueva Esperanza and Santa Teresita) on sustainable forest management.
  • Drawing and painting for students at the local school in the hamlet of Nueva Esperanza.
  • Reforestation under the concept of Planting values at the local school in Nueva Esperanza to promote environmental protection among students and seek their collaboration in these efforts.
  • Cooking competition with mothers in the hamlet communities close to our property.
  • Athletics competition (master and youth) for representatives of the hamlets and the company’s employees.

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