Private investment for a sustainable world

To protect the riches of the Amazon, we need sustainable opportunities that revolve around the forest and benefit area communities.

If we preserve the Amazon, we preserve the planet

20% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) are attributable to deforestation. We protect the Amazon to head off global climate catastrophe.

Be part of the change that the world needs

The planet’s health depends on the commitment of institutions, companies and individuals to reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions.


Bosques Amazónicos

In Peru, +200 thousand hectares of forest are deforested every year. This compromises the country’s ability to reduce emissions to prevent global climate catastrophe. BAM protects and restores the value of the Amazon to fight climate change and contribute to Peru’s sustainable development.

How do we generate positive impact?

Natural Climate Solutions

We protect
We protect

We conserve biodiversity, facilitating CO2 capture to fight climate change

We restore
We restore

We replenish and enrich the forest to help ecosystems recover their value, which benefits society and the planet

We innovate
We innovate

We conduct research to maximize the forest’s productive capacity and value

What is our focus?

Sustainable development model

We include local communities in our value proposition to improve their quality of life and consequently ensure the long-term sustainability of our efforts.

What have we achieved?

Impact BAM

Over our 17-year history, we have developed efficient natural solutions to drive sustainability for both the Amazon and the planet. But there is still much to do.


highly valuable native trees planted


hectares of forest protected


tons of CO2 blocked from release


Let’s work together to combat climate change!

Reducing our carbon emissions is not enough. We need to eliminate excess carbon dioxide that is stored in the atmosphere if we want to head off climate catastrophe. Be part of the change!

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