BAM identifies 20 thousand “plus” trees based on their genetic superiority


To strengthen the value of the forest, BAM, in cooperation with the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC)─ one of the world’s leading institutions in cloning of forest species─ is rolling out a cutting-edge program to improve the forest genetics of our native species. This program seeks to clone the highest quality specimens from our plantations: taller, thicker, healthier and straighter trees with the capacity to grow quickly and provide the highest possible commercial yields.






More than 15 years of research into native species has allowed BAM to accumulate spectacular genetic capital: more than 850,000 trees developed by selecting the best specimens from multiple locations in Peru. Of this pool, 20,000 thousand trees were selected as “plus” or possessors of superior genetic qualities. Ten of these trees will be selected to form the basis of our cloning program in 2020.

It is estimated that the BAM cloning process will increase the productivity of its plantations up to 25%. In the medium term, this will allow the country to provide top-quality genetic material to reforesters at the national and international levels.

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