BAM and the Instituto Técnico de Costa Rica (TEC) develop a program to improve forest genetics


The team from Bosques Amazónicos BAM traveled to Costa Rica to receive training in the most advanced processes for genetic improvement as part of the cooperation agreement with the Instituto Técnico de Costa Rica (TEC). Dr. Olman Murillo, representative of TEC, recently visited the BAM’s operating area in Ucayali to study the plantation and train our forestry team.

TEC is led by some of the the world’s top specialists in tropical species and has more than 50 years of experience with native species such as the cocobolo and the almendro.

With the launch of the cloning laboratory at Bosques Amazónicos BAM, productivity on BAM’s plantations will increase up to 25%. In the medium term, this will allow the company to provide top-quality genetic material to reforesters at the national and international levels.

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