We restore

We restore

We recover degraded areas and enrich the forests that have been plundered by man


The problem

Circle of destruction in the Amazon

Migratory agriculture, illegal logging and the over-exploitation of resources in the Amazon has generated a circle of destruction that deforests 150,000 hectares of Peruvian forests every year. This strikes a blow against biodiversity; degrades soils; and compromises human development.

The solution

Recovering and enriching the forest

Our models and efficient reforestation practices have been internationally validated and recognized. We engage in reforestation to recover degraded soils and restore  secondary forests.

We restore

Reforestation programs

Campo Verde

Our native species reforestation program, Campo Verde, is located on BAM’s private property in Ucayali: 24,433 hectares of contiguous land located 45 minutes from the city of Pucallpa

Campo Verde

Join us and invest in a sustainable future

Protect and restore the Amazon forests. Generate significant environmental, and social benefits and obtain sizeable financial yields in exchange.