We won in Los Bóscares Perú 2022, category “Research and Innovation in Forestry”.

On September 28th we were recognized for the second consecutive year at Los Bóscares Perú, winning in the category “Research and Innovation in Forestry” for our state-of-the-art forest genetic improvement program in Ucayali, Peru.

Los Bóscares is an initiative created in 2018 in Mexico by Reforestamos, and its main objective is to make visible the good management and achievements of various companies, thus promoting the conservation, protection and reforestation of forest ecosystems through sustainable practices. 

This year, Reforestamos Mexico in cooperation with the organization AIDER held the second edition of Los Bóscares Perú, recognizing business initiatives that generate a positive impact on forest conservation, climate change mitigation and research and innovation in forest ecosystems.On this occasion, a top-level jury made up of representatives of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) and two experts in the Peruvian forestry sector analyzed the public information and operations of 169 companies in the country and nominated 4 finalists and one special mention.

BAM won in the category “Research and Innovation in Forestry” for the Forest Genetic Improvement Program, which aims to promote scientific research on high-value species such as the shihuahuaco and the marupa to establish high quality native plantations to promote forestry development in the country. For more information on the program, please refer to our article in BAM’s blog.

In December 2021 we were also recognized with the first prize in the “Forests and Climate Change” category, for the implementation of our REDD+ Castañeros conservation program in Madre de Dios and REDD+ Campo Verde reforestation program in Ucayali.

Learn more about the BAM recognition in 2021 here.

From BAM, we would like to thank initiatives such as Los Bóscares, which motivate and encourage companies to develop increasingly sustainable practices, thus providing tools to continue growing and promoting our efforts in the forestry sector. We are proud to have obtained this recognition and very pleased to be mentioned for the second consecutive year in Los Bóscares Perú 2022.

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