REDD+ Brazil nut concessions: profit sharing DEC 2022


The REDD+ Brazil nut concessions conservation project, developed by BAM in partnership with 600 brazil nut producing families grouped in the Federation of Brazil nut producers of Madre de Dios (FEPROCAMD), aims to protect more than 490,000 hectares of Brazil nut forests in one of the regions most affected by deforestation in Peru.

To achieve its aims of preservation and sustainable development, the REDD+ Brazil nut concessions project carries out a series of activities such as: the implementation of a monitoring, control and surveillance system, permanent technical and legal advice for concession partners, concession ordering and demarcation services, training workshops on sustainable forest management, productive pilots for the benefit of concession families, permanent biodiversity evaluations, among others. In addition to the activities mentioned, the project shares economic benefits directly to the community as a result of conservation efforts and carbon credit sales.


After having made the respective investments in the project, last December 12, 13 and 14, a new delivery of economic benefits from the sales of carbon credits for the year took place. “The benefits are delivered in the months of July, December and April, the period in which the annual exercise is concluded.  In 2021, an amount of S/. 29,500 was delivered to each member. This year S/ 20,000 has already been advanced to each family, with the balance corresponding to the 2022 profits to be delivered in April 2023, together with the annual balance sheet,” explains Eduardo Galindo, BAM’s Project Director in Madre de Dios.

As a result of the good management and impact of the project, in the last two years 200 new concessionaires have joined the project, representing an additional 170,000 hectares protected by REDD+ Brazil nut concessions project.

By: Valeria Drinot

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