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Madre de Dios, a region located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, is known for its rich biodiversity and its contribution to the Brazil nut trade. It is here that the Amazonian Brazil Nut Festival is held, not only focused on detailing the important role that the Peruvian nut plays in the lives of local communities, but also on celebrating the region’s exuberant biodiversity.

Celebrating the Amazonian Brazil nut

The celebration of Peruvian chestnut day entitled “Amazonian Brazil Nut Festival“, is an annual event that brings the community together to honor this valuable natural resource since 2013. During this festivity, various activities are organized ranging from food and handicraft fairs to cultural exhibitions and contests. People from Madre de Dios dress in traditional costumes and participate in cultural activities such as painting, dancing and typical music, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere.

In this new edition, the event was opened for the first time to the public and invited several people and tourists to have the opportunity to share and celebrate with the chestnut farmers of the region. The festivity took place in the Plaza Bolognesi, with the intention of spreading the value of the Brazil nut in general, its importance for the families of Madre de Dios, its social and environmental benefits and promote the value of the work done by the Brazil nut families.

Cultural importance and economic engine

Brazil nuts are not only a major source of income for the region, but also play an important role in the local culture. The people of Madre de Dios have used Brazil nuts for generations, both in their daily diet and in the creation of handicrafts. The chestnut day festivity is an opportunity to preserve and celebrate these traditions, passing them on to future generations.

Brazil nuts play a crucial role in Madre de Dios’ economy. Brazil nut harvesting and processing provide employment for thousands of people in the region. In addition, Brazil nuts are an important export product, generating significant income for the Peruvian economy. During the festival, there are talks and exhibitions about the Brazil nut industry, highlighting its positive impact on local economic development.

Connection with nature

The festival also promotes the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. By highlighting the importance of the Brazil nut, it encourages the protection of the forests where this tree grows. Sustainability and ecosystem preservation are recurring themes in speeches and presentations during the celebration.

Importance of the REDD+ Brazil nut concessions project

The REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions (REDD+ BN) conservation project developed by Bosques Amazónicos works hand in hand with more than 700 partner families to protect more than 500,000 hectares of forest and its extraordinary biodiversity. As part of the activities implemented, the project team promotes the protection of this unique Amazonian species, which only grows on the border between Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.

In line with this, the REDD+ BN project joined in the promotion of Brazil nuts by being an integral part of the Amazon Brazil Nut Festival, setting up a stand together with the Federation of Brazil Nut Producers of Madre de Dios (FEPROCAMD). Team representatives were present to showcase some of the biodiversity in the Brazil nut concessions and distribute information about the project, raising awareness about conservation. As part of the activities, our participating concessionaires performed a demonstration of nut collection in the forests, using a basket and a payana. The president of FEPROCAMD, Juan Carlos Grifa, who was part of the technical committee that organized the festival, also participated in the event.

As part of the incentive for this project, three Brazil nut partners were selected who have been agents of change for the conservation of the Brazil nut forest and have been highly committed to the development of the sustainable project. They were awarded under the following criteria: solid waste management, good harvesting and post-harvesting practices, and commitment to their organizations.

The festival also included the participation of the “Asociación de Recolectores Orgánicos de Madre de Dios” (ARCOMAD), formed with the support of one of the sustainable pilots developed by the REDD+ BN conservation project, in collaboration with Bosques Amazónicos BAM, where participants were able to exhibit their products and the international organic certifications obtained.

Much more than a celebration

Amazonian Brazil nut day in Madre de Dios is much more than a celebration. It is a testimony to the profound relationship between the local community and its natural environment. Through this festivity, the cultural, economic and environmental importance of the Brazil nut in the region is highlighted. The celebration not only promotes the preservation of valuable traditions, but also emphasizes the need to care for and protect the natural resources that sustain life in the Peruvian Amazon.

If you are interested in exploring the richness of Amazonian culture and the vital role that the Brazil nut plays in Madre de Dios, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this unique festival that connects people with nature and their ancestral roots.

It is important to note that the REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions project works with more than 700 Brazil nut-growing families to conserve more than 500,000 hectares of Brazil nut forests and their extraordinary biodiversity.

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