Brazil nut farmers continue to receive economic benefits from carbon credit sales


REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions conservation project continues to make steady progress in its commitment to forest protection and the well-being of its community. On May 9th and 10th, hundreds of Brazil nut families continued to receive direct economic benefits from the sale of CO2 credits, in addition to the activities offered by the project in favor of their members, their families and their forests.

The event began with an informative workshop on accountability for the year 2023, and an explanation of the current status of the REDD+ mechanism and the voluntary carbon market at the international level. During the session, the commitment and responsibility of all concession partners to protect their forests and biodiversity was reinforced.


“The sale of carbon credits is our only income to sustain and conserve the forests. If they take it away from us, we are going to have serious problems, because we already have threats from illegal mining, logging and other illegal economies.” – Juan Carlos Grifa, president of the Federation of Brazil Nut Producers of Madre de Dios (FEPROCAMD).

In addition to the economic support, the concessionaire families receive direct support and benefits from the activities implemented by the project to meet its objectives CCB: climate, community and biodiversity. Activities are implemented by a team of more than 40 people dedicated full-time to the development and management of REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions.

See the details of the activities implemented in our Annual Report 2023 here!

To date, the REDD+ BN project protects +600,000 hectares of Brazil nut forests and their extraordinary biodiversity together with +800 partner Brazil nut families.

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Private investment for a sustainable world

By: Valeria Drinot

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