BAM Recognition: Winners in the Bóscares Peru 2021, category “Forests and Climate Change”


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On December 13th, we were recognized in LOS BÓSCARES PERÚ 2021, winning in the category “Forests and Climate Change”, for the implementation of our REDD+ Brazil nut concessions conservation project in Madre de Dios and Campo Verde reforestation project in Ucayali.

LOS BÓSCARES is an initiative created in Mexico (2018) whose purpose is to promote the conservation of forest ecosystems through the recognition of business initiatives that seek to protect, through sustainable and efficient practices, the biodiversity of the most valuable forests on the planet. This year, it was replicated for the first time in Peru, thanks to the organization of the associations REFORESTAMOS MEXICO and AIDER PERU.

In this first edition of LOS BÓSCARES PERU, a first-class jury was formed by the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) and the civil associations AIDER and Reforestamos, who analyzed the public information of 169 companies in the country involved in conservation programs. After a selection process, projects from 20 companies were nominated in six different categories: Forest Conservation, Supply Chains with Zero Deforestation, Forests and Climate Change, Promotion of Sustainable Forest Management, Reforestation and Forest Restoration; and Sustainable Forest Enterprises. BAM won in the category “Forests and Climate Change”, where it was nominated along with 3 other important companies.

“Forests are are of vital importance; they are an important source of flora and fauna, and they play a key role in the sustainable development of our country. There is an increasing number of companies that consider forest protection as a fundamental part of their business models, environmentally conscious companies that are in tune with their public, not only for the quality of their products, but also for their values and respect for the raw materials with which they work ”mentions Diana del Águila, director of Environmental Financing at MINAM.

As winners, the recognition to BAM was given by the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) and the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) in a virtual event attended by people from different sectors interested in learning about the work of companies with a positive impact on Peru’s forest ecosystems.

“Forest conservation is essential to curb the global climate crisis. Our Amazon, being of such importance for the environmental balance, suffers latent and growing threats that threaten the health of our planet and the proper development of our society. It is therefore of the importance of articulating public and private efforts to address the threats of deforestation occurring in our country, promoting the forestry sector as the driving force of sustainable development in Peru for the coming years. We extend our congratulations to all the organizations summoned today and our disposition as Bosques Amazónicos BAM to work together in favor of the conservation and restoration of our forests », mentioned Maria Alejandra Cantuarias, Marketing Manager of BAM during the event.

As Levin Rojas, executive director of the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) emphasizes, this recognition is very relevant to raise awareness among companies and congratulate the good actions they carry out in forestry and environmental issues, contributing to the improvement of our ecosystems; forest and wildlife heritage in which water sources are captured and various activities are developed.

​​Watch the full virtual event here:

BAM, private investment for a sustainable world.

By: Valeria Drinot

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