BAM is the first forestry company in Peru to obtain the “DAAC”, in Campo Verde, Ucayali


In line with our commitment to sustainability, on November 22 we became the first forestry company in Peru to obtain the Environmental Declaration of Ongoing Activities (DAAC) for our forestry plantations.

The DAAC is the first Environmental Management Instrument (EMI) for tropical rainforest management approved in our country. This certification validates that our activities are carried out in a sustainable manner. In other words, they do not generate significant negative impacts on the environment.


Ucayali, November 2022

Our reforestation project with native species aims to restore degraded soils by investing in high-value forestry plantations that contribute to the regeneration and protection of Amazonian ecosystems; promote the return of wildlife; and generate employment and development for local communities.

After an exhaustive evaluation process conducted over 17 months, our activities (in progress) were recognized as environmentally friendly operations, creating a precedent for the Peruvian forestry sector and an important step towards the conservation of tropical rainforests in our country.

Achieving this certification reinforces our commitment to the restoration and sustainable conservation of Amazonian ecosystems, ensuring environmental balance and a positive impact on the environment.

The resolution (General Directorate Resolution No. 0724- 2022-MIDAGRI-DVDAFIR-DGAAA) was issued last Tuesday, November 22 by the General Directorate of Agrarian Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Agrarian Development (MIDAGRI), confirming BAM’s compliance with current legislation and all applicable requirements.

By: Valeria Drinot

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